Grossdeutschland Tee
Grossdeutschland Tee
Grossdeutschland Tee

Grossdeutschland Tee

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It's easy to forget that the Warrior world we live in today was crafted by conflict in the late 1930s, early 40s.

This was the period that gave birth to the Airborne, Commando and Special Forces as we know it. There was another type of soldier that would also emerge, The Panzer Grenadier or Armoured Infantry as its called today. Troops riding fast with the armour to punch a hole or block an attack.

The Grossdeutschland were the spearhead of the new kind of war called blitzkrieg, Elite training in hard fast assault with the allowance to let NCO's make on the ground tactical decisions is the model of what we war with today.

As a part of our 'Battle Tees' Collection.

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