'Henry V' Artwork Print
'Henry V' Artwork Print
'Henry V' Artwork Print

'Henry V' Artwork Print

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Warrior Culture is often marked through history by very hard men making good tactical decisions.

Dits being dits you have to hand it to King Henry V of England, not only did he have the most skilled MC and wordsmith big him up through William Shakespeare, But he also was the ultimate warrior leader.

Born in Wales (infantry country) his first scrap was aged 16, not only did he fight a good fight but he also took an arrow in the face!

After recovery he become King and he stopped getting on the piss and decided to get 11,000 blokes together and have a go at them French!

The rest is Classic Military History.

  • Artwork by Rango from the ALLYNESS Stable.
  • Limited to 600 prints only.
  • Printed on 250 GSM art Card.
  • Mounted and Framed ready for deployment.
  • Inspirational Office or Man-cave Artwork.
  • Framed & Mounted or Unframed.