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Lift Heavy Sticker

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We should not forget that us who involve ourselves in matters of warriorship (past or present) or the ways of battle and combat should always 'FEEL GOOD' and make personal fitness a daily mantra.

Sure life is hectic and the excuse of a busy workload and the family life would be a sufficient excuse not to put on a day sack and go for a run with some pull ups and push ups chucked in for good measure.

recently us here at Allyness have been asked by customers for over XXL size shirts, this is a worrying sign and we have now stopped this practice... It means we have allowed ourselves to turn into fat bastards.. not very ally at all!

So buy this new sticker and place it by your bed.. remind yourself you owe us at least 30 mins a day Phys...


  • New Sticker by Rango.
  • measures 110mm x 110mm.
  • Your beer gut is disgusting and you need it gone!
  • Waterproof stick anywhere decal.
  • Ma Deuce approved.
  • Your weedy arms will not get you a shag!
  • Limited numbers.