ALLYNESS - What DFUQ is that all about?


Allyness Ltd consists of 4 people - All  combat Veterans, we work from our makeshift HQ/Office, we have a “on finance” iMac, there is horrendous piss-taking and a cold beer supply!

We originally set out to rewrite the British Army’s ‘Soldier magazine’ the high command’s party-line propaganda mag, into a rag that good squads would actually find interesting and amusing.  

Allyness Magazine lives at present through our Instagram account. We publish content that has a common theme - its Ally! Or (Operator as fuck) if you are in the USA!

As a Warrior magazine we try to look for content from around the world, in every country there are examples of Allyness and battlefield cool.

Our ethos is simple - if its Ally we will publish it, if you are easily offended then you are not Ally and therefore you can do one!

The reality of life is that nothing really matters and you will be dead sooner or later so you might as well enjoy it!

As Veterans miss the ‘whip crack’ of combat we are here to establish a place to talk and share experiences. Like many Veteran groups in the UK/World we hope to establish a permanent base (a gym and Bar!) for our future operations.

To support this mission we need Ammo...$$$

well cash Ammo, So we have set up our online shop to sell associated ‘Merch’ and kit you need if you are still serving.

We hope to get this location fully operational soon, don’t worry I’m sure we will ‘bang on’ about it when its good to go! We are trying to establish a place for fellow Vets and sound people to hang out, phys, drink and spin dits.

We will continue to bring you Ally content, worthwhile updates and poke the shit out of the Brass!

Watch Out - Watch Out..... Its only going to get bigger.

Rango (editor)