DCI Burnside Slap

DCI Burnside Slap

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Here at Allyness its not just zig zagging cammed up blokes we look out for, but also our lads in blue, who have the even worse time of it dealing with the general civvie public! FUCK THAT!

So just for them we have commissioned this Burnside Slap!

This is from the Official 'The Bill' write up!

DCI Frank Burnside built his reputation on good detective work combined with his unique approach of putting informants' heads down the toilet and making suspects' lives hell. Steely and uncompromising, he was not a man to cross. He could be fiercely loyal to his colleagues - when it suited him - and although essentially a loner since his divorce, he had no shortage of female admirers. C.I.D. had little idea about his life outside the job and that was how he wanted it to stay. Many superior officers tried to tame him but none succeeded - Burnside simply became more devious. He was a man of mystery, not intrinsically bad, but certainly with an edge. Hard-bitten, Burnside was definitely a 'bend the rules' type detective.
  • Designed by the Slags at Allyness.com

  • Printed on Waterproof vinyl. 

  • 95mm diameter.

  • Ideal for sticking all around your Police Station.