Handy Prince Andy Un-Ally Sticker - Double Pack!

Handy Prince Andy Un-Ally Sticker - Double Pack!

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As a Veteran and Naval man we would like to think Andy had has his drunken nuts up on several occasions - But what we don't give, is his bone fucking excuses on young birds and hanging around with convicted pedos,

Just because you rich and royal geezer, don't mean you can do what the fuck you like!

Anyway he is innocent until proven guilty. (Our Legal stand point)

This sticker is dedicated to the leaders of this country and the rich and powerful of all countries not take the piss and hold your hands up when required.

The brass bang on about Values and Standards, fucking jokers... get your Messes sorted before pointing your shitty stick at the great un-washed! 

Original Artwork by Rango

85mm diameter

Ideal for Mess oil paintings. 

Get two stickers in a pack.