"Henry VIII with GPMG Framed Print"
"Henry VIII with GPMG Framed Print"

"Henry VIII with GPMG Framed Print"

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I have been working on this series of artwork called 'Monarchs with Munitions'

First up.. the big man! He loved War, Scoff and Cock Rot!

„Alas, how can the poor souls live in Concord when you preachers sow amongst them in your sermons debate and discord? They look to you for light and you bring them darkness. Amend these crimes, I exhort you, and set forth God's word truly, both by true preaching and giving a good example, or else, I, whom God has appointed his vicar and high minister here, will see these divisions extinct, and these enormities corrected with use of thy fuckin GPMG “

  • Artwork by Rango.
  • Limited Numbers.
  • Printed on 250 GSM Art Card.
  • Signed and Numbered by artist.
  • Fine inlay mounted framework.
  • Original Artwork from the Allyness Studio.

Please Note - Due to high demand the Artwork can take a few weeks to dispatch.