'King Charlie G' Artwork Print
'King Charlie G' Artwork Print

'King Charlie G' Artwork Print

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The second print in the series 'Monarchs with Munitions.

The Carl Gustaf M4 anti-tank weapon is possibly one of the best section support weapons on the planet. It can smash a vehicle at 500m and a bunker at 1000m, shit it even has a 'Nuke' round for extra faschizzle!

King Charles 1st was a flamboyant chap but he had a problem, he liked to lord it up and think he was the bollocks, unfortunately for him the English people had enough of his King shit and the English civil war broke out.. he lost and had his noggin was chopped off.

Before his head hit the basket he had a vision of a swedish made 84mm recoilless rifle that would have given him the edge at Naseby.. if only Charlie boy.. If only...

  • Artwork by Rango.
  • 600 limited pieces only.
  • Printed on 250 GSM Art card.
  • Signed and numbered by artist.
  • Fine inlay mount and framework.
  • Original artwork from the Allyness studio.

Please note - All artwork is individually made and can take a few weeks to arrive, But don't worry.. you will receive your artwork.