Pegasus Bridge Tee
Pegasus Bridge Tee
Pegasus Bridge Tee

Pegasus Bridge Tee

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Back in the good ole' days of the late 1940s, missions and Ops were everywhere. This gave everyone a good chance to get some juicy action and the opportunity to get their knackers blown off for King and country!

Nothing says tear my bollocks off with murderous German flack, more then getting into a wooden glider fully kitted up in fighting order and nose diving it into the enemy!

Alas on the opening days of D Day the men of the Light Infantry did this and captured this important bridge for the invasion.

If you are still in the dark.. Go watch the black & white film the longest day!

There is meant to be a new film out? - Watch this Space!

  • Designed by the lads at Allyness.
  • LI Green super high quality Tee.
  • Fight Good arm patch.
  • AAF Apparel.
  • Limited Numbers.
  • Airborne arguments guaranteed!
  • For the spotters yes that is a 'Horsa Glider' escape Axe!