"The British Soldier" Framed Artwork

"The British Soldier" Framed Artwork

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When it comes to 'the proof is in the pudding' The British fighting man has proved himself throughout the ages.

It's something about the mixture of invaders from Roman to Viking added to the Welsh, Scottish and Irish mix that has produced a fighting man truly cool as fuck on the battlefield.

Sometimes lead by asses of the upper class into disaster, the failings were never at the grass roots man in the arena. 

As this US soldier observes, when the chips are down the world knows the heritage of the British fighting bloke!

  • Artwork by Rango.
  • Limited 250 Framed and Unframed only.
  • All signed and numbered by artist.
  • Original Allyness culture.
  • The dogs bollocks.

Framed ones take a little longer to be delivered.